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Dominic Harrison Ltd
DIP WCF Registered Farrier
This is a basic list of remedial items some require shoes to be made up or modified which can only be priced after assessing  what is needed for the horse. A lot of remedial jobs require extra time and materials. please inquire for more information
All payments due on the day unless discussed prior to visit.
Basics :-  Ex Vat Inc Vat Full Set  £66.66 £80.00  Pair of Fronts or Hinds £33.33 £40.00 Trim £22.00 £26.40    Extras :-  Stud Holes (each) Road Nails (each) Road Pins (drill in type) £1.50 £1.10 £1.50 £1.80 £1.32 £1.80 Refit Set £60.00 £72.00   Refit Fronts or Hinds £30.00 £36.00 Frog Support Pads (flat of graduated) Remedial :- £25.00 £30.00 Magic Cushion £16.00 £19.20 Impression Material £22.00 £26.40 Imprint Glue on Shoes (per pair) £190.00 £228.00 Leather Pads £15.00 £18.00 Bar Shoes Per Pair £58.33 £70.00  Glue on PLR’s (per pair) £190.00 £228.00
Payment Methods are:   Cash, Cheque and BACS
As from August 2014 There will now be a minimum charge of £15.00 for any call out in between shoeing, this is to cover the fuel, materials and time spent. Any work out of my standard working area will now have a call out charge of £20.00
Tel: 07759 230 753