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Hoof Capsule Repair
This was a very interesting case, Dc is a dressage horse and was unshod behind and he unfortunately managed to step on the board that keeps the sand in an arena with his left hind foot. This tore the last 3rd of his foot off leaving it hanging by the coronet band.
The vet was called out and gave him painkillers, removed a small section at the bottom of the lose hoof and cleaned it to reduce the chance of infection.
I managed to attend quickly to see if I could do anything to reattach the the torn area. After a discussion with the vet we decided to reattach the area to try and prevent scaring at the coronet band. If scaring does occur in the area most horses are left with a permanent crack in that area, unfortunately if nothing is done to help it, it can cause problems in the future. Dc was sedated and the vet cleaned the area with a antibiotic cleaning solution. Then I set to work on getting the section of hoof reattached. There are many option to do this but decided to use a metal plate as I felt would be the strongest option.
I dressed the foot and removed the bottom section of the loose area, then shod the foot with a straight bar shoe and seated out the area under the tare so the rear section of the foot would not
bare any weight, a flat pad was used to cover the the foot and and packed with magic cushion. I then started using a metal plate to reattached the loose area.
After the metal plate was screwed and glued over the crack, I then filled in the gaps with an antiseptic putty to prevent any debris entering the area.
Dc was put on antibiotics and box retested for 4 weeks. It was check every three weeks by myself, and we continued to use the bar shoe which has been changed every six weeks. These picture are of how we got on over the next three shoeing.
This is still on going and I will keep updating after each visit.
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